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Black Seed Products
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Black Seed Oil
Boost Your Immune System


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“Your Black seed oil is the freshest best tasting oil we have ever had. Its excellent! You have a customer for life”

Shoptalk Magazine

“It is about time someone has developed halaal products that are high quality and inexpensive.”

“ I am a distributor for Mary Kay beauty products and I tell you, the Black seed and vitamin E moisture cream is better than anything I have ever used.”

Your hair care system is great. I use the Black Seed Shampoo and Moisture Therapy cream. They are excellent."


The Black seed honey oatmeal soap is honestly one best soaps I have ever used, and the packaging is fantastic.

Simpler Tymes Soaps
The Black Seed oil really helps diminish my arthritis pain. I rub it around and onto the back of my knees when the pain acts up."


“Black Seed is good for you and so is the Sunnah”

Ismail 5 years old

“I love the Booster!”

Hudhaifah 4 years old

“I think Sweet Sunnah is the greatest and is going to be one of the successful businesses in the 20th century”
“After using these products why would any one use anything else? These are the best! I especially like the Moisture therapy cream.”


“I have used black seed oil and so have my kids, by the grace of Allah my kids overcame asthma… they used to use puffers but after two months of taking black seed oil they threw their puffers away.”


“My hair had been falling out really bad , so I decided to try using the Black seed oil and shea butter moisture cream on my hair and in three weeks it has been growing back healthy and thicker. Thank you”


“Al Humdullilah, Sweet Sunnah Black Seed products are the most beneficial we have ever used. One dose of the oil stopped my four year old son’s allergic reaction cold! I made the choice, Inshallah to not use anything else,Al Humdullilah.”

Umm Mujahid

I have recieved my box today. Your black seed lip balm is the most wonderful lip balm I've ever used and I've tried very many lipbalms. I threw out my other lip balms in the house today because I only want to put on my black seed lipbalm. Thank you for making it!

Ameenah Meggezi- NY

"Al-hamdulillah, I was sent the black seed and shea butter therapy cream accidentlly. it is one of the best products i have ever used. please bill me for it. I enjoyed it so much i must pay for it. I am hooked , your products are the top of the line. i am so impressed with the improvements I have seen since i started shopping with you. you muct find a way to get them into a store."

H. S-North Carolina

“You have been blessed with a truly unique line of products, we are excited about carrying these products”

The Herb Farm

“ These products are absolutely pure & Essential, I feel safe giving them to my children.”


“I drink the Black seed Herbal tea every morning , its wonderful!. It gives me energy and tastes great”


“I carry other Black seed products in my store but Sweet Sunnah brand Black seed products are best quality and customers seem to prefer them more. They definitely sell faster than the other ones.”

Abdul Hakeem

“I want to thank you, my doctors are very happy with my health since I have started Blackseed and honey my blood counts have improved 100% and they want me to continue."

C. Buckmann

Abu Abdullah as Salafy“My father suffers from headaches and so one day I gave him one of the lozenges and he says that his headache we gone in just 5 minutes, we are convinced that Black seed works”

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